Strength. Endurance. Performance.


Specializing in strength and conditioning, Reena creates personalized plans to help her clients reach their goals.

If you’re looking to improve your endurance for a sport, increase your power for better performance, or simply boost your stamina to keep up with your busy lifestyle, Reena will work with you to find the right training option to suit your needs.

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Hear what clients are saying! 


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“I’ve been working with Reena for over a year and can’t recommend her enough! Shefocuses on exactly what you want to work on and how to fit it into your lifestyle. I’ve gained strength and my back pain has disappeared. If you’re looking to up your fitness game, definitely give Reena a call.” Emma Rohmann, Owner, Green at Home – Toronto, ON 



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As a business owner and mom of 2, time is of essence. Prioritizing time for myself and my health has been a challenge. That is, until I decided to bring Reena into my life. Her positive energy, her knowledge and constant motivation is the reason I’m now working out consistently, eating balanced and have way more energy. I asked her to push me hard (because I need it) and so far she has done exactly that. Everyone has individual needs and Reena takes her time listening to her clients, and customizes the workout accordingly.” – Linnea, Owner Linnea Lions Interior Design – Toronto, ON

“Reena is a fantastic coach who is not only repsonsive and adaptable to your needs, but IMG_3846is wonderful to work with. She is encouraging, patient and will check up on you regularly, which is something that not all coaches do. She also take a more holistic approach and will suggest other avenues for health and wellness that go beyond her awesome expertise. She has suggested osteopaths and other wellbeing practitioners to me, which have really helped me in my own healing and growth. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a training / personal fitness coach.” – Paul Silva, Author


original_3_3598b631“After 7 years of full-time parenting 3 small kids, I decided to make 2017 about self-care.  One of the first things I did was meet with Reena to assess where I was, physically, and where I wanted to go.  Over the next several months Reena encourage me, challenged me and supported me.  I am stronger than I have been in a long time and feel like I have the tools to continue this healthy lifestyle. She is so much more than a personal   trainer!” –Lindsay Matheson, Mother of 3 – Toronto, ON

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“Working with Reena was amazing. When I started working with her I was struggling to get back in shape after my second baby. I like to run, but I could only run intermittently for 20 minutes at first. After 12 bootcamp classes over 6 weeks I was able to run continuously for 30 minutes and now I am training for my first 10k in 5 years. I highly recommend Reena and I can’t wait to work with her again!” – Dr.Sarah Hutchinson 



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